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Финансы: Баланс (учет прибыли и убытков)

Translation: English


as of __ 200


Taxpayer ID
Type of activity
Legal form/status of property

Unit: thousand RUR/million RUR (cross out unnecessary)

Item Reporting period Period year-to-date
description Line
1 2 3 4
      Revenues and costs related to core activity 010    
  Revenues from sales of goods, products, works, services (ex-VAT)  
  Cost of goods, products, works, services sold 020 (   ) (   )
  Gross profit 029    
  Commercial expenditures 030 (   ) (   )
  Administrative expenditures (G&A) 040 (   ) (   )
  Profit (loss) from core activity 050    
      Other revenues and costs 060    
  Interest receivable  
  Interest payable 070 (   ) (   )
  Share in revenue of other companies 080    
  Other operational revenue 090    
  Other operational expenditures 100 (   ) (   )
  Non-operational revenues 120    
  Non-operational expenditures 130 (   ) (   )
      Pre-tax profit/loss 140    
  Deferred tax assets 141    
  Deferred tax liabilities 142    
  Corporate tax 150 (   ) (   )
      Net profit/loss after tax 190    
  Note 200    
  Accumulated tax liabilities (assets)
  Base profit/loss per share      
  Deluted profit/loss per share      
Form 0710002 p. 2
Item Reporting period Period year-to-date
description Line Profit Loss Profit Loss
1 2 3 4 5 6
  Penalties and fines recognised or enforced          
  Accumulated profit/loss from previous years          
  Compensations of losses caused by failure or faults to the obligations            
  Exchange rate differences            
  Revaluation reserves     Х   Х  
  Write-off of debtors and creditors with expired limitation period            
CEO     Chief Accountant    
(signature) (full name) (signature) (full name)


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