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Образование: Диплом биохимия

Translation: English

Copy of Diploma Certificate



M.V. Lomonosov State University





By the decision of State Attestations Commission
on the Xth of June XXXX
qualification of Biochemist was given to

Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich


Deputy Dean of Biological Faculty
M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University


Professor K.N. TIMOFEEV
Registration number: XXyyXX-XXX
Date: XXth of June XXXX



Appendix to the diploma XXX YYYYYYY

(valid only with diploma)

Ivan I. Ivanov

Being a student of the Biological Faculty of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University during the period since XXXX until YYYY passed examinations and tests in the following disciplines

Profession                    “Biochemistry”
Specialization               “Biochemistry”


Titles of the courses according to tuition plan                             Hours               MARK

History                                                                                    80                    test passed
Philosophy                                                                              80                    test passed
Economics                                                                              80                    test passed
Bioethics                                                                                 33                    test passed
Biopolicy                                                                                 36                    test passed
English Language                                                                    368                  excellent
High Mathematics                                                                    264                  excellent
Mathematic Methods in Biology                                                160                  excellent
Physics                                                                                              232                  good
General and Inorganic Chemistry                                                           96                    excellent
Analytical Chemistry                                                                96                    test passed
Physical Chemistry                                                                  160                  excellent
Organic Chemistry                                                                   320                  excellent
Polymeric Substances and Colloid Chemistry                             64                    test passed
Anthropology and Anatomy                                                       48                    test passed
Botany                                                                                    240                  good
Zoology                                                                                   240                  excellent
Evolution Theory                                                                                  90                    test passed
Plant Physiology                                                                                 120                  excellent
Animal Physiology                                                                   120                  excellent
Physiology of Higher Neural Activity                                           32                    test passed
Cell Biology                                                                             144                  excellent
Embryology                                                                             64                    excellent
Biophysics                                                                              112                  test passed
Biochemistry                                                                           320                  excellent
Virology                                                                                  32                    excellent
Genetics                                                                                             120                  excellent
Microbiology                                                                            128                  excellent
The World of Microorganisms                                                    24                    test passed
Molecular Biology                                                                    78                    excellent
Philosophical problems of ecology and ethics                             96                    good
Term Work                                                                              156                  excellent

Special Courses

Practice                                                                                              918                  test passed
Histology                                                                                 144                  excellent
Immunochemistry                                                                    72                    test passed
Issues in Present Biochemistry                                                 56                    test passed
Protein Topology                                                                                  56                    test passed
Selected Issues in Biochemistry                                                           144                  test passed
Molecular Biology. Proteins.                                                     56                    excellent
Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering                              112                  excellent
Biochemistry of Microorganisms                                                56                    excellent
Kinetics of Enzymatic Reactions                                                           48                    excellent
Seminar on Term Works                                                                       48                    test passed
Bioenergetics                                                                          56                    excellent
Physical and Chemical methods in molecular biology                             128                  excellent
Seminar on Molecular Biology                                                   48                    test passed
Seminar on Diploma Works                                                      56                    test passed
Present Issues of molecular Biology                                          616                  excellent
Methods of purification and separation                           
of biological substances                                                           72                    good
Virology                                                                                  56                    excellent


Botany tuition, 1st year                                                              4 weeks                       excellent
Zoology tuition, 1st year                                                             4 weeks                       excellent
Computing techniques and programming languages                                2 weeks                       excellent
Physical and chemical methods in biology                                             6 weeks                       excellent
Professional training                                                                 12 weeks          excellent
Diploma experiments                                                                12 weeks          excellent


Diploma project: ”xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx".


Deputy Dean of Biological Faculty
M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University


Professor K.N. TIMOFEEV


Moscow June XX  XXXX
Registration number XXyyXX-XXX

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