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ЗАГС: Свидетельство о рождении

Translation: English

(Coat of arms)

Certificate of birth

Citizen xxx (last name) xxx (first name, patronymic)

was born on December 25, 0000 –  xxx(date, month, year in figures and in words)
Place of birth xxx
district xxx
oblast, territory xxx
republic xxx
in witness whereof an entry under number xxx was made in the Register of Births on xxx

Father: xxx (last name)xxx (first name, patronymic)
ethnicity: xxx
Mother: xxx (last name)xxx (first name, patronymic)
ethnicity: xxx
Place of official registration: Civil Status Registration Office in the city of xxx(name and location of the Civil Status Registration Office branch)
Date of issue: xxx

Head of the Civil Status Registration Office branch (signed)

I - XX № xxx
(Round stamp with the coat of arms of the Russian Federation and illegible text)
(Square stamp with the following text: ) “xxx GOVD (police department), the city of xxx. Passport (ID-card) issued. Serial nr. xxx.”


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