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Финансы: Свидетельство о государственной регистрации права в РФ

Source: Russian

Translation: English

Uniform State Register of Immovable Property Rights and Transactions

 of the State registration of rights
Administration of the Federal Registration Service in XXX (city)

Date of issue:                     XXX
Document of title:              XXX

Holder (holders)
of a right:                           XXX

Type of a right:                  XXX
Object of a right:                XXX

(or conventional) number: XXX

Existing restrictions
(encumbrances) of a right: NOT REGISTERED

in witness whereof an entry under number XXXwas made in the Uniform State Register of Immovable Property Rights and Transactions on XXX (date) .

Register (signed) XXX

 (Round stamp with the coat of arms of the Russian Federation and the following text: ) “XXX”.

Series XXX

Added by Translator Alena Alena
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