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Translator NataliaTranslator Natalia
Sevastopol, Russia
LanguagesEnglish Russian
Translation Experience14 years (since 1999)
Areas of ExpertiseHousehold appliances, Humanities, IT (Information Technology), Computers, Management, Fashion, Social Science, Office equipment, Correspondence, Printing, Profi audio/video technology, Entertainment, Advertising, Telecommunication technology, Finance, Law, General, Экономика, право, финансы, маркетинг, бухгалтерский учет и аудит, образование, наука, ИТ, промышленность, транспорт, техническая документация
CAT ToolsSDL Trados, SDL Trados TagEditor
SoftwareAbbyy FineReader, Adobe Acrobat Professional, OpenOffice
Симферопольский Государственный Университет им. Фрунзе
1996—курсы оператора ПК. 2007 г. Курс практического маркетинга (ProZ)
Skillful translations and excellent performance multiplied by high capacity! Experience: 15 years. I specialize in business, insurance, finance, legal, patents, marketing, hotel business, manuals for complex household equipment, research reports, tests and investigations, logistics, paperwork of various application, etc. Computer and speedy Internet access 24 hours a day.
Some of my Projects:
1. Paperwork (statements, policies, procedures, contracts, agreements, reports, auditor's opinions, letters and memos, role profiles, etc.) for Barclays Bank, IpoTek Bank.
2. Part of the translators’ team supporting On-line games: Millionaire City, Army Attack, Zombie Land; Games for Mobile phones.
3. Cybex newsletters, ACAMS handbooks, FATF – ML and FT in various sectors.
4. AGIP, Shell contracts
5. Patents, certificates, diplomas, passports, IDs, driver’s licenses, affidavits, etc.
6. Contracts for rent, leasing, supply, purchase and sale, labour, HR, management, advertisement, etc.
7. Design and engineering projects for Kempinski Hotels, Rodina, luxurious hotels in Turkey; description of tourist routes in South America, Africa, etc.
8. Business plans and related documents for the railway construction (Russian Railways).
9. Regular support of consumer electronics (manuals, press releases, etc.)
10. On-going translations for ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, Brother, etc.