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Translator VitaliiaTranslator Vitaliia
Donetsk, Donetsk region, Ukraine
LanguagesEnglish German Russian
Translation Experience6 years (since 2005)
Areas of ExpertiseLaw, Финансы, маркетинг, бизнес/коммерция, HR, туризм, гостиничный бизнес,кулинария, образовательные программы
I am a Russian native speaker with perfect knowledge of English and Ukrainian.
I got an honours degree in interpreting/translation of English and German languages in Gorlovka State University of Foreign Languages (Ukraine) in 2003. My profile language is English.

Work experience:

-2 years of teaching English & German in gymnasium;

-3,5 years of work in hotel business. Involved in business-talks interpreting, translation of tourism related materials,hotel guide brochures, legal documents and business correspondence, agreements, equipment manuals, recipes, menus.

-2 years (up to now) of work in the field of chemical production & sales activity. Dealing with translation of legal and financial documents, HR materials, business correspondence, agreements, certificates, specifications, manuals, presentations, technical and manufacturing documents, equipment manuals, marketing reports and business outlooks on global chemical production. Interprete business-talks and negotiations.


Highly reliable and creative personality;guarantee high quality and high speed of translation;always observe the customer's deadline.
Translation is my passion! Every new word is like a fresh wind - I want to take a deep breath of it.

One of my achievements is the research work on English grammar dedicated to the structural, semantic and functional pecualarities of the detached adverbial modifiers and their translation from English to Ukrainian.

Fond of reading English and American literature in original, writing essays.