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Translator EkaterinaTranslator Ekaterina
Bellingham, USA
OccupationRussian Language School
LanguagesFrench Russian English
Areas of ExpertiseIT (Information Technology), Medicine, Engineering, Law, ООН, нефтегазовая отрасль
CAT ToolsSDL Trados, Wordfast, Metatexis (fully compatible with Trados)
НГУ, Новосибирск
Институт менеджмента и управления; American Institute for Foreign Studies; Concordia Seminary
2007-2009 Freelance translator (English-into-Russian, Russian-into-English)

Legal and financial

Among my clients are:
Branan, British-Russian management consulting firm; Independent Evaluation Office of the International Monetary Fund; ALTOR Legal Firm; Experta Luxembourg, corporate and trust services; Housing Authority of Portland; Rosengineering Project Company; Geisler and Trimmel GmbH Company; Andreas Demetriades

Recently translated documents:
Marketing research; Legal opinion; Business plans; Powers of attorney; Due diligence; Audit reports; Sales offers; Contracts; Corporate minutes; Newsletters; Birth certificates; Student report summary; Escrow agreements; Supply agreements; Agreements on the purchase and sale of shares; Annual financial statements; Addendums/Amendments to agreements; Memorandums of understanding; Business correspondence; Consumer preference survey


Among my clients are:
Gazprom; Gazprom Neft; NPP GETEK, computer technologies for oil and gas industry; Rosatom State Corporation; Consortium Energoresurs; Tatneft, oil and gas production company; Volgachemexport; KAMAZ, heavy-duty truck production plant; Shugyla-1, petroleum storage depot; Emir Oil, oil production company

Recently translated documents:
Motor Road Construction Norms and Specifications
Rules for Generating Working Documentation for Construction of Motor-Ways
Low density polyethylene, product specifications
Types and comparison of driving axles
Geotechnical surveys; geological and geophysical maps; statistical analysis of soil properties; ski lift specifications for construction of the Sochi Olympic Complex in Russia
Construction of a nuclear heat and power plant in Arkhagelsk
Invention description for patent (device for product treatment via glow discharge method)

Technical in Oil and Gas Sector
Recently translated documents:
Electro-stimulation of reservoir formations for increasing oil recovery
Crude oil supply agreements
Specifications for a passenger vessel for transportation of platform drilling and production crews
Well-test interpretation in cases of behind-the-casing crossflow

Among my clients are:
Russian Academy of Science, International Tomography Center; Amdipharm Plc; North Dakota Department of Health; U.S. Army Training Support Center

Recently translated documents:
Research on a new medicinal form of the drug sanguiritrin
Research on the mechanism of action of sanguiritrin conducted on some biochemical models
Report on the clinical trial of enteric-coated 0.005g sanguiritrin pills
Professional journal articles on physical adaptation and energy metabolism
Potentials of whole-body MRI in dynamic evaluation of the distribution of metastatic lesions
Hemostatic therapy for hemorrhages in the first-to-second trimesters
Anesthetic appliance and the postoperative period in pregnant women with gestosis
Effect of treatment with amiodarone on sinus node function
Brochures on measles, pertussis, and pandemic flu
Dental Consumables Procurement
Combat Lifesaver Course

Web-site translation:
Metadata for the Library of Congress
Ads4Israel; The Ritz-Carlton Residences; Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus; Joint Prisoners of War, Missing in Action Accounting Command (JPAC)

Software users manual:
Killer NIC End-User Diagnostic Procedures; Quick Install Guide

Strings for:
AMD LIVE!; Bigfoot Network; Verex