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Translator JanetTranslator Janet
Lassnitzhoehe, Austria
Practical know-how and expertise, fairness, accuracy, reliability, always reachable,
LanguagesEnglish German, Middle High German Hungarian
Areas of ExpertiseIT (Information Technology), Engineering, Life-Style, Tourism, Sports
CAT ToolsSDL Trados, Across, Alchemy Catalyst, Passolo
Westhungarian University, Mosonmagyaróvár
Siemens Transportation Systems, Austria (EN-GE):
Translation, Correspondence, Briefing
(Engineering-technical/mechanical, Marketing)

Austrian Energy & Environment, Graz (EN-GE):
Translation, Correspondence, Briefing (technical fields)

Maico, Germany (EN-GE-HU):
Website for ventilator, Prospect for heat pump

Teubert, Germany (EN-GE-HU):
Technical Documentation

Bäuerle, Germany (EN-GE-HU):
Seaming machine CAS 21/4 NET Handbook,

Wagner, Germany (EN-GE-HU):
Soft- and Hardware for DigiTech Airguns

TranzPress, Hungary (GE-HU):
Unicredit - Contract (Banking), CE-Broker Website (Trading)

JR Languages, New York, USA (EN-GE):
Website für Simplicity (Beauty/Sewing)

Hairdreams, Austria (GE-HU-EN):
Translation, Correspondence, Prospects, Workshops:
(Marketing, Hardware, Software, Finance)

Beauty Hair Trading, Los Angeles (EN-GE):
Translation, Correspondence, Prospects, Workshops:
(Hardware, Marketing, Finance)

Werbemakler, Austria (GE-HU):
Tourism prospects