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Переводчик LucianaПереводчик Luciana
Santo Tomé, Аргентина
Native speaker of Spanish, 7 years of experience in translation, capability to work under pressure
Основная занятостьFreelance
ЯзыкиАнглийский Испанский
Области специализацииМедицина, Healh care
CAT-программыSDL Trados, SDLX
Instituto Superior del Profesorado N.º 8 "Almirante G. Brown"
After completing a four-year program in a translation school, I got my degree in Translation. I have always wanted to be specialist in public health and pathologies, that’s why I based my thesis on low airways diseases, with the help of a medical doctor expert in the field. I have had other opportunities to develop my abilities and to learn more about medicine, working with an ophthalmologist. During that period, I had the chance to translate abstracts and trials about corneal diseases. Besides, I worked with a medical translator during two years with whom I translated medical consents, trials, information brochures and health care articles and documents. Nowadays, I work as a freelance translator and provide services to medical doctors, translation agencies and clients from Argentina and the rest of the world.