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Переводчик HermannПереводчик Hermann
Rosario, Аргентина
High professionalism at a click-away
Основная занятостьAlyeska Resort, Girdwood, Alaska
ЯзыкиАнглийский Немецкий Итальянский Испанский
Опыт в области переводов3 года (с 2008)
Области специализацииИнформационные технологии, Техника, Юриспруденция
CAT-программыSDL Trados
ОбразованиеСреднее специальное
Instituto Superior de Profesorado N°8 Almirate G. Brown at Santa Fe, Argentina
Professional diploma in En-Sp/Sp-En Scientific-technical and Literary Translation
Working as a freelance translator and for private clients requesting translations of
resumes, commercial letters, autobiographies and professional information, technical
manuals, articles or essays, and conference material.
Major projects worked on: Educating Children and Young People with Disabilities
(Principles and the Review of Practice) by Seamus Hegarty for the UNESCO.

Since an early age I was educated in English, Italian and German, alongside mother tongue Spanish, languages in which I am fluent. For German and Italian I hold international certificates attesting to my linguistic competence. I gained further knowledge of conversational English by working as a retail clerk at a hotel resort in Alaska. Also, I am a former AFS participant. I attended Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego and obtained a certificate of studies from that institution.
My favorite activities include writing short stories and essays. Having participated in several contests, I received awards from local literary circles and many of my writings saw print in magazines as well as in academic journals. Presently, as I am working toward a college degree in English and English Literature, I was selected to participate as a lecturer in a seminar on English Literature held by UCEL University at Rosario.
After four-year translation training in school, in 2007 I obtained a Professional Diploma in Scientific-technical and Literary Translation in English and Spanish awarded by Instituto de Profesorado Almirante Brown at Santa Fe, Argentina. I have been providing linguistic services ever since, and I am duly accredited by the Translators Association of Santa Fe (2nd District).