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Translator ErkanTranslator Erkan
Chicago, USA
Advanced degree from a reputable US Navy institution in International Relations, living in the US, married to an American citizen. So, I practice the language 24/7.
OccupationHome Office
LanguagesEnglish Turkish
Translation Experience4 years (since 2007)
Areas of ExpertiseIT (Information Technology), Engineering, Law
CAT ToolsSDL Trados
MA from Naval Postgraduate School in International Relations, Monterey CA-USA, BS from Turkish Air Force Academy in Industrial Engineerin, Istanbul-Turkey
Sworn Translator from Notary Public No.11
In-House Translator, Biz Translation Services Ankara (Turkey), December 2005 – December 2006
• Closely worked with staff, successfully completed assigned projects and became Trados 7 efficient.

Freelance Technical Translator Ankara (Turkey) & Chicago (USA), December 2006 – Present
• Implemented the sales, marketing, and networking efforts to develop my independent translation business and built a base of loyal clients.
• Qualified as a Sworn Translator/Interpreter effective as of March 2007 (Notary Public No.11, Ankara/Turkey).
• Translated projects including but not limited to: energy, medical subjects (neurology and psychiatry, and specifically adenosine related), air technology, patents, product and technical specifications, manuals, legal agreements, insurance, industrial subjects, finance (general) and European Union related issues.
• Specialized in technical translations.
• Legalized (translated and approved) official documents for submittal to Turkish government agencies and other foreign agencies in various locations.
• Privately tutored university students and business professionals for over 200 hours in English.