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Translator Marie-AliceTranslator Marie-Alice
London, England, Great Britain
I have a wide and varied experience ranging from technical to banking, law, education, customer services
OccupationInvestment banking/Import export/ education
LanguagesEnglish Spanish Italian French Portuguese
Translation Experience25 years (since 1986)
Areas of ExpertiseIT (Information Technology), Medicine, Engineering, Law, Education/ business
CAT ToolsSDL Trados, Wordfast, STAR Transit, Déjà Vu
Master's International Business
I was a member of the French Chamber of Commerce in the International mission and helped businessmen interested in launching new products or setting new businesses worldwide.
Worked for a prestigious Investment Bank for 8 years and then for the biggest Corporate Governance company in the world. In both these companies my clients where from UK, USA, Canada, Portugal, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, South America, Germany.
I was also an Export/Import manager for an International company with daily negotiation in contracts/pricing and shipments (English/Italian/Portuguese/French)