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Translator MauroTranslator Mauro
Gravellona Toce, Italy
More than 25-year experience in Information Technology
OccupationGravellona Toce
LanguagesEnglish Italian
Translation Experience25 years (since 1986)
CAT ToolsSDL Trados
Politecnico di Milano - University
Please allow me to introduce myself: I am not the usual 'one-size-fits-all' translator, as I work *exclusively* in my specialization fields: Information Technology, Computers, Hardware, Software, Networking, Consumer Electronics, Multimedia, Telecommunications, Mobile devices, Audio/Video/Photo, etc. - from English into Italian (my mother tongue).

So, if you do not operate in this fields or with my language pair, please disregard my message.

Otherwise you might want to give a look at my CV below. I have built 24 years of experience in this kind of translation and - thanks to quality, speed and affordability of my services - have been able to win as direct clients all the major Italian Computer Publishing Houses, such as:

Mondadori Informatica (PC Professionale ), VNU Business Publications Italia (PC Magazine, Network News Italia, Computer Reseller News, Computer Idea), Duke Italia (Windows & .Net Magazine, Linux Journal, Internet World), Edizioni Master (Computer Bild Italia, AudioVideoFoto Bild Italia), PlayPress Publishing (Chip Magazine, Vista Magazine)

Other main clients are Dell Computer, Nokia, Mitsubishi Electronics, Genius, BenQ.

My background in engineering and as a technical journalist, coupled with so many years in translation, can make a real difference. Last but not least, I can use Trados and my rates are very competitive!

For a glimpse about myself and my services, please visit or

Please note that I don't offer proofreading/editing services, but top quality translation exclusively.

Thank you for giving me your time. I am looking forward to starting a new cooperation with your company.

Best regards,

Mauro Cristuib-Grizzi (

Translation for your business!

via Martiri 7/M - 28883 Gravellona Toce (VB) - Italy



phone: +39 (0323) 846154

fax: +39 (02) 700544801

CV follows -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mauro Cristuib-Grizzi

via Martiri, 7/M - 28883 Gravellona Toce (vb) - Italy

Phone: +39 (0323)846154 - Fax: +39 02 700544801

E-mail: - Web:

Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1956 in Verbania, I am married and live in Gravellona Toce (North of Italy, 80 km from Milan).


Collegio Santa Maria, Verbania (Italy) , diploma 60/60- Scientific High School.

Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Facolta' di Ingegneria Meccanica , 25/30 esami- College of Mechanical Engineering.


1988-now In 1988 I founded Microwide, a company that provides translation services. In that position I have further improved my experience in the field of technical translation from English into Italian, being able to win as customers all the major Italian Publishing Houses in the IT industry.

1986-1988 While continuing my job of translator and journalist as a consultant, I joined J.soft s.r.l. in Milan (a former publisher that became a nationwide exclusive software distributor for Lotus software and other IT products) as training courses manager. In that position I translated into Italian the whole Lotus Courseware documentation and developed experience as a teacher in courses focoused on many Microsoft and Lotus software products. In that period I also wrote two computer books ("Il libro dei giochi per il Commodore 64" and "Lavoriamo con il Commodore 16"), published nationwide by Gruppo Editoriale Jackson.

1984-1986 Developing a previous hobby, I started my first job as editor of the computer magazines SuperVic, SuperCommodore 64, and PaperSoft, published by Gruppo Editoriale Jackson in Milan. In 1986 I graduated as a journalist (n. 55663, Milan). Afterwards, in the spare time left by my employment, I started a consulting activity as a translator from English into Italian, translating many articles published by those and other magazines. In the same period I translated a number of computer books for the same publisher.


Italian (native language), English (fluent), French (school level).


All the mainstream office tools (Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, MS-Office, databases, servers, Internet software, and much much more). I use a number of state-of-the-art computers systems (all Windows), a 24x7 Internet connection, Trados, voice recognition software, in-house developed software, and many other tools.

Current jobs

I am translating on an ongoing basis whole or part of the following Italian computer magazines, among other jobs:

* Windows & .NET Magazine (Gruppo Editoriale Duke Italia)

* Linux Journal (Gruppo Editoriale Duke Italia)

* Internet World (Gruppo Editoriale Duke Italia)

* PC Magazine (VNU Business Publications Italia)

* Network News Italia (VNU Business Publications Italia)

* Computer Reseller News (VNU Business Publications Italia)

* Chip Magazine (PlayPress Publishing)

* Chip Foto/VideoMagazine (PlayPress Publishing)

* Computer Bild Italia (Edizioni Master)

* AudioVideoFoto Bild Italia (Edizioni Master)

Furthermore, one of the biggest among my direct clients (ongoing business) is Dell Computer Italia.


To start a collaboration as a consulting translator which utilizes my 24 years of translation experience, my experience in the IT industry, and my experience as a journalist.