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Translator Vera Translator Vera
Rome, Italy
I am reliable, efficient and very curious
OccupationItaly and abroad
LanguagesEnglish French Italian
Translation Experience4 years (since 2007)
Areas of ExpertiseIT (Information Technology), Medicine, tourism, human rights, agri-business, literature, environment
CAT ToolsSDL Trados
IULM University Milan; S.Pio V University Rome; SSML Gregorio VII Rome
degree in Interpretation and Communication + Master's degree in Conference interpretation + diploma for interpreters and translators
Freelance translator and interpreter (EN<>IT, FR>IT): Literature, marketing and economics, tourism, general medicine and health care, international organizations, environment, agro-industry, architecture, letters
•OSG - Open Systems Group (Rome)
(2 September 2009 – today)
IT translation (IBM, Microsoft) from English into Italian

•La Ruée vers l’art
(14-17 January 2010)
FR>IT translation of the web site of La Ruée vers l’art, artist Patrick Richard

•Bed & Breakfast Soggiorno San Francesco
(16-18 November 2009)
IT>FR translation of the website of the Bed & Breakfast Soggiorno San Francesco

•Short movie: “La finestra sul nulla”
(1-12 October 2009)
IT>EN and IT>FR translation of the short movie “La finestra sul nulla” (The window on nothingness) by a young director, Francesco Russo

•MTV Smoke Screen
(16 September – 14 October)
EN>IT translation of the MTV Smoke Screen program about the EU antismoking campaign

•Subtitling (EN>IT)
(20-21 August 2009)
Subtitling of an interview between Lady GAGA and the fashion designer Craig Lawrence

•13th FINA World Championship
(13-14 July 2009)
IT>EN translation of the operational procedures related to the water polo competitions during the 13th FINA World Championship 17 July - 2 August 2009

•“Quadrangular stone”
(20-23 May 2009)
IT>EN translation of a historical/architectural text about a photographic exhibition on Egyptian obelisks taking place in Rome in September

•Tourist text “The island of treasure”
(19-20 May 2009)
Translation from Italian into English of a tourist text about the island of Ischia

•Presentation of a videogame
(4-6 March 2009)
Translation from French into Italian of the presentation of a videogame for the iPhone

•School of English website
(14-17 February 2009)
Translation from English into Italian of a website of a school of English located in Dublin

•Transcription of an interview
(23-25 January 2009)
Transcription of an interview to an Italian actor

•Tenders of the European Commission
(25-28 November 2008)
Translation from Italian into English of projects for tenders of the European Commission about agriculture, food and forestry policies

•7 Terre Global Service (Lecce)
(18 June - 3 July 2008)
English translation of the Guide to Apulian extra-virgin olive oils published in August 2008 by Edizioni Tirsomedia 2008

•OSG - Open Systems Group (Rome)
(28 March 2007 – July 2007)
IT translation (IBM, Microsoft) from English into Italian

•Lelio Basso Foundation (Rome)
(November 2004 – February 2005)
Collaboration in the translation of documents