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Translator FedericoTranslator Federico
Borgo a Buggiano, Italy
LanguagesEnglish Spanish French Italian
Translation Experience7 years (since 2004)
Areas of ExpertiseMedicine, Engineering, Art History, Marketing, Tourism, Scientific
CAT ToolsDéjà Vu
Interpreting and Translating School in Pisa Italy
Diploma in Cobol Programming,European Computer Driving Licence, Diploma for teaching Italian to foreigners,Diplomas and Certificates obtained at Salisbury English Centre and at Bournemouth Kingsnorth Academy. Competitions at the European Community in Brussels and at Rome, Professional Qualified Tourist Guide in Florence and its Province
Arpa Foundation (University of Pisa) Translated some websites (Andrea Bocelli and Professor Mosca Franco).
Misterbabel France. Translations websites tourism, marketing and fashion.
Logos Multinational Company Modena (technical translations for different companies)
Private tuition and translations for private companies in my region.
Lexcode Korea Translation for Technical Samsung specialisers and online learning.
Hero translating Prague Different translations
Avatex Translations France (Lcd Tv set and medicine)
Edox Translations Marketing, Tourisme and Immobilier (Estate Agency)
Briitish Institutes and private courses in some schools.