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Translator AliceTranslator Alice
Podenzana, Italy
LanguagesEnglish Chinese Italian
Translation Experience4 years (since 2007)
Areas of ExpertiseEngineering, Marketing, tourism, general, culture, social sciences
CAT ToolsWordfast
University of Milan Degree (5 years) in Languages, Cultures and International Communication
Recent assignments : IT>EN legal letter (600 words), IT>EN legal document, EN>IT Marketing (Launch) 700 words, IT>EN Commercial law/business economics 4500 words; EN>IT technical article (Vibro-acoustics) 1800 words;

EN<>IT, ZH>IT Translator and interpreter for a clothing company (Marketing and PR, Technical, General)

Internship in a local Tourist Association: data collection and making of brochures in English and Italian

Translator for a mechanical company (Business letters, Technical, General)

Private lessons of English language


International Alliance of Inhabitants

International Children's Digital Library