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Translator HalynaTranslator Halyna
Lviv, Lviv region, Ukraine
Перекладаю професійно, швидко, якісно
LanguagesRussian English Ukrainian
ServicesTranslation, Proofreading
Translation Experience11 years (since 2000)
Areas of ExpertiseIT (Information Technology), Engineering, Law
CAT ToolsSDL Trados, Wordfast, STAR Transit, Déjà Vu, PASSOLO
Львівський національний університет ім. І.Франка
Английский язык
Main translation projects:

☼ Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC, Takt Time, Pareto, Regression, Value Stream Maps, Visual management) series of training materials for GE, 160 000 words;
☼ Resolution of Agency Management of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Financial Markets Supervision, 35 000 words
☼ Resolution of the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan on Establishment of the Charter of LLC “Samruk-Kazyna”, 7 500 words;
☼ Open Joint Stock Company Novatek, Share Purchase Agreement, 19 000 Words;
☼ Sibneft Model Reconciliation and Profit Increase Discussion, 4 000 words;
☼ VALAXIS ASSET MANAGEMENT, Purchase Share Agreement, 3 000 words;
☼ Minutes #1 of the annual general shareholder’s meeting of the JSC “Yukos Oil Company” from June 24, 2004, 4 000 words;
☼ Personal Account Statement, Jsc “Oil Company “Yukos”, 3 000 words;
☼ Safety Leadership, Participant Guide and training materials, 32 000 words;
☼ Loan indebtedness balance, 15 000 words;
☼ Translation of documents with EU for the Academy of Civil
Service (Technical support to Public sector reforms in Ukraine, TWINNING program). The materials concerned the implementation of Civil Service reform in my country, approximately 60 000 words;


☼ Judgement Of High Court Of Justice Queen's Bench Division Commercial Court, 9 000 words
☼ Customs Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 10 000 words
☼ High Court Of Justice Queen's Bench Division Commercial Court, Witness Statement, 12 000 words
☼ Final Judgement Of High Court Of Justice Queen's Bench Division Commercial Court, 30 000 words
☼Submission In The London Court Of International Arbitration, 9 000 words
☼ Arbitrazh Procedural Code Of the Russian Federation, 4 000 Words
☼ Respondents’ Statement of Defence, Arbitration Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 28 000 words
☼ Juvenile Justice Brochure 3 000 words;
☼ Materials for a legal case, financial statements, company charters, court orders 42 000 words;
☼Legal documents, translation support of a legal case. Translation of minutes of court sessions, legal opinions, correspondence, materials of the case of indebtedness collection 155 000 words in three years;
☼ Translation for Canadian Judicial Institute – translation of materials for trainings for Ukrainian judges, approximately 180 000 words ;

☼ The State Budgetary Healthcare Institution The City Clinical Hospital № 60 Of Moscow Healthcare Department Decree, 12 000 words - LEC
☼ Beta-interferon treatment in patients with childhood-onset and juvenile multiple sclerosis, 5 000 words - Merks
☼ Main characteristics of MS in children 5 000 words – Merks
☼ Clinical Study Report on A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Alogliptin Compared to Glipizide in Elderly Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes, 25 000 words
☼ A Phase 3 Trial of E7777 in Combination With CHOP Compared With CHOP Alone for the First-Line Treatment of Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma, 28 000 words
☼ Feraheme Ferumoxitol Injection Prescribing information, 5 000 words
☼ Biopsy Informed Choice, 12 000 words
☼ Submission for Ethical Review of Clinical Study, 8 000 words
☼ Protocol LuAA21004/CCT-002 ““Multicentred, randomized, double blind placebo controlled study for evaluation of safety and efficacy of different doses of the preparation LuAA21004 in patients with major depressive disorder, II/III phase”, 11 000 words
☼ Decision for Conducting International Clinical Research for Rituximab, 2 000 words, PPD
☼ Information Sheet on activity of the Ethics Committee of Academician I.P. Pavlov of St. Petersburg State Medical University , 2 000 words
☼ Applications and Statements for Ethical Committee of Academician I.P. Pavlov of St. Petersburg State Medical University, 25 000 in total
☼ Articles for the “Clinical Surgery” scientific magazine. The materials discussed the issues of possibilities of combined and isolated application of carbapenems in patients, suffering secondary extended peritonitis and use of "Ronem" treatment of perforative necrotizing enterocolitis in newborns 35 000 words ;
☼ Clinical Investigation Brochure within the International Multicenter Clinical Study of the Degarelix medicament for medical application pursued by the order of the Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S, Denmark according to FЕ200486СS35 protocol 'A 1-year multicenter, randomized, open-label placebo-controlled study carried out with the aim to compare effectiveness and safety of once-per-three months Degarelix and Goserelin acetate used in androgen deprivation therapy (III phase) for patients suffering from prostate cancer’. 25 000 words ;

☼ Inspection certificates, tests reports of Corrosion laboratory and Mechnical testing laboratory, invoices and packing lists for seamless steel casing string 30 000 words;
☼ Inspection certificates, packing lists, bills of lading, invoices for shipment of green pipes for casing 10 000 words;
☼ Order of inspection of the aircraft technical safety requirements compliance by individuals, 10 000 words;
☼ Specifications for engineering, construction and operation of railways, 15 000 words;
☼ Localization of several operation and maintenance manuals, specificationsб among which, Waste heat recovery system for sulphuric acid plant, Pressure transmitter, pad mist eliminator, 40 000 words;
☼ Localization of users’ manuals for entrainment separator, distillation equipment, vacuum tower, scrubber, steam drums, stripper and regenerator. The materials contained also maintenance manuals and data sheets, 110 000 words;
☼ Translation of Manual on Heat Supply and Heat Conservation, 53 000 words;
☼ Documentation localization of Trencher and Terrain Leveler Maintenance for Vermeer, 148 000 words ;

☼ HP Planet Partners Programme, 12 000 words;
☼ Localization of OurWorkspace Microsoft (Office Communicator and Live Meeting, Sharepoint Team Sites, Collaborative Application Platform, Outlook e-mail, Outlook webmail), 25 000 words;
☼ Localization of Photo editor “Ulead Photo Explorer” – localization of application’s interface, translation of User’s manual, filing project documentation, translation of business correspondence 75 000 words ;
☼ Web site localization for rock band “Sample Rate”, (, approximately 45 000 words ;
☼ Localization of documentation for Hewlett Packard All-in-One devices, 75 000 words) ;
☼ Localization of application packet IBM WebSphere (software and documentation), 65 000 words .

☼ Marketing materials for various hotels in Turkey, 50 000 words over a year's period;
☼ Beer marketing campaign 5 000 words;
☼Colgate Marketing materials 2 000 words;
☼Translation for the Leading Hotels of the World - special offers, 10 000 words;

☼ Annual Financial Report for SITA 29 000 words;
☼ Localization of Financial Markets Analysis Tool for Ipreo, 25 000 words;

☼ Food security implications of climate change (Materials for the OSCE Conference "Food Security implications of Climate Change in Eastern Europe", Lviv 14-16 February, 2011). The materials discussed the issues of illegal logging, obsolete pesticides, disposal of radioactive waste, rocket fuel (melange), wind farm, environmental aspects of border demarcation and waste trafficking, 15 000 words ;

List of Clients:
EU, OSCE, ENVSEC, Russian Railways, Lviv Airlines, KPB, SITA, NJI (Canada), Ukrainian Academy of Civil Service, National University “Lviv Polytechnics”, Commercial television channel CTC OJSC, Ulead, HP, IBM, Vermeer, Clariant, Evermesh, Ipreo, George Hotel, Gloria Hotels & Resorts, PPD, Merck, ICON, AMAG, GARP, Colgate-Palmolive, Stafford-Miller Limited (Parodontax), Leading Hotels of the World, Jamesons, Cephalon, Daiichi-Sankyo, Quintiles, Otsuka, GE.

Main proofreading projects:
☼ A series of PowerPoint presentations of the course 'Foundations of Banking Risk' 25 000 words ;
☼ Localization of Ipreo Financial Markets Application 33 000 words ;
☼ SITA's proposal to Boryspil International Airport for the provision and operation of AirportConnect CUPPS, AirportConnect CUSS, PassengerAccess Control, MaestroDCS, FIDS and BagMessage 18 000 words ;
☼ Clinical protocol. A phase 3, randomized, double-blind, double-dummy study to compare the efficacy and safety of dalbavancin to a comparator regimen (vancomycin and linezolid) for the treatment of acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections 15 000 words ;
☼ User manuals for IP Camera, Full HD Lightweight IP Dome Camera, Full HD IR Bullet IP Camera, Full HD Compact IP Dome Camera, VS201 Video Server 2000 words ;
☼ Civil monitoring of human rights in law enforcement bodies by public enquiry. Improvement of mechanisms for civil monitoring of observance of human rights in the sphere of law enforcement bodies by way of development and approbation of the procedure of public inquiry 10 000 words ;
☼ Evaluation 0f transborder rivers, lakes and ground waters in Europe 15 000 words.