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Translator Translator
Usinsk, Komi, Russia
«Я знаю, что ничего не знаю»
Occupationнезависимый переводчик
LanguagesEnglish German Russian Ukrainian
ServicesTranslation, Proofreading, Interpreting, DTP
Translation Experience20 years (since 1992)
Areas of ExpertiseMining & Minerals, Humanities, Natural Science, IT (Information Technology), Computers, Medicine, Office equipment, Correspondence, Printing, Food industry, Manufacturing, Profi audio/video technology, Entertainment, Advertising, Agriculture, Construction/civil engineering, Telecommunication technology, Engineering, Finance, Energetics, Law, General, нефтегазовый сектор
CAT ToolsSDL Trados
SoftwareAbbyy FineReader, Adobe Acrobat Professional
Государственный Университет Лингвистики, г. Нижний Новгород, Россия
преподаватель английского языка

Freelance Translator (15.03.2011 - Present).
• Translated oil & gas & other technical documentation. Freelance work.

Technical interpreter/translator/-bilingual logistics engineer, (26.11.2007- 25.02.2011)
ENI neftegaz OJSC “ArcticGas” in Noviy Urengoy, Yamal Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia
• Oral & written translations in the following spheres of Enterprise Activities: HSE, Health Protection, Construction of Gas Processing Plant; was assigned to the above indicated Departments.

Technical interpreter/translator, (15.03.2007 - 15.10.2007)
CASPIAN VECO ltd & ROSNEFT Vankor Oil Field, Krasnoyarsk Region, Siberia
• Different kinds of oral & written translations (including Construction & HSE Norms And Regulations)

Technical oil field interpreter/translator, (09.11.05 - 30.01.2006)
TNK-BP Raduzhny, Western Siberia, Russia

• Translated technological documentation related with optimization and redevelopment of oil fields: well simulations (modelling); well test operations: (bottom-hole equipment: mechanical setting tools, packers, glass disk collars, digital temperature and pressure gauges, ESP with the packer work over operations), processes of setting packers, written & schematic description of well pressure build-up; well servicing, fishing operations (jobs), hydraulic fracturing of formation, swabbing operation, coring sampling, POP procedures. Coil tubing usage while cleaning well bores
• Interpreted of all meetings & negotiations between local oil & gas production company “Vanyoganneftegas” (Geological Department, Work over dpt & TNK-BP management: reservoir engineers from Croatia and engineer of technological block & optimization of oil filed development of TNK BP, work over supervisor from USA (Alaska):
• Interpreted industrial toolboxes & all technological processes at the wellhead.
• Interpreted all meetings & negotiations between TNK-BP Management & local geophysical company “Tiumen’promgephysica”(TPG): bottom-hole measuring equipment (well test string: digital bottom-hole gauges, gauge carriers etc)
• Translated technical documentation & as negotiations pertaining to financial subjects: documentation for Financial Memorandums for projects etc.
• Translated daily reports sent from local rigs.

Interpreter/Translator of Technical Services, (6.10.04-31.03.05)
Drilling Company “Alliance” (Usinsk, Russia) pluralistically with Halliburton HII for GAZPROM, Russia
• Translated all documentation, drawings & diagrams of well test operations on ultra-deep well (7 000 meters). Day & night interpreter-translator in Astrakhan desert oil field; translator/interpreter for Drilling Company “Alliance” (drilling, mechanical specifications & processes); logistics & warehousing aspects.
• Interpreted all negotiations & meeting between Astrakhan’ Gazprom, Astrakhan’ Burgaz & Halliburton (HII). Interpreting of safety meetings & tool boxes.
• Translated daily reports of Halliburton (HII) for Moscow & Texas offices.

Technical interpreter/translator /Bilingual Engineer of Logistics Services (by Labour Agreement), Flint Canada Cyprus LTD, Usinsk, Komi Republic, Russia (3.03.04-20.08.04)
(Pipelining, Construction)
• performed purchasing for different projects;
• fulfilled coordination (tracing) of deliveries;
• performed control over warehouses (reporting, requisitions, doing inventory); personnel from 3 warehouses was subordinate to me;
• reviewed commercial bids & prepare tenders

Oil & gas technical interpreter/translator,
Halliburton (KBR) Usinsk, Komi Republic, Russian Federation (9.09.2003)
• Written translations at Dietsman plant: procedures on hydro-sulphuric wells. Worked with HSE auditors From Scotland. Received reference letter from oil field superintendent.
• Took part in negotiations between LukOil & Totalfinaelf, between KBR (Halliburton) & Totalfinaelf.

Technical interpreter/translator, 18.04.2003 -16.08.2003
JSC “Sever TEK”, Usinsk, Komi, Russia
• All kinds of translations & interpretations in Shapkinskoye oil field: geological, geophysical, production, drilling & completions subjects as well as monthly HSE meeting agendas & reports.

Technical interpreter/Bilingual Logistics Coordinator, 9.02.2003 – 17.04.2003
World Transportation Company DANZAS-SPB’ Usinsk, Komi Republic, Russia

Interpreter/Translator Engineer on contracts, 1999
Kirovograd Air Company URGA
• Translations/ Interpretations of aircraft technical & legal documentation: Legal documentation; Contracts on airplane & aircraft rental for United Nations Missions in African counties.

Technical interpreter/translator, 1995-98, Komi Arctic Oil JV (Gulf Canada/British Gas) Oil & Gas Production JV Usinsk, Komi Republic, Russia
• Translations/ Interpretations for Logistics, Purchasing Departments.

Flint Canada Vostok LTD. Usinsk, Komi Republic, Russia 1993-95
• Translated pipeline operations: welding subjects, excavating etc; field facilities construction. Participated in oil spill elimination; welding technologies (in office). Oral interpreting for pipelining superintendent (in the oil field).

Technical interpreter/translator/personal assistant, 1992-93
Ruduzhny W.Siberia, Usinsk, Komi Republic, Russia. Performed all written & oral translations pertaining to oil & gas sector.

• Linguistics University, Nizhny Novgorod (Bachelor of Arts & Higher Linguistics Education diploma), 1995
• Technical University (Belgorod City). Specialty: HSE Engineer – 2013

PC knowledge:
MS office 2003, Internet; Trados, Lotus, World Client, Opera, Outlook Express; Web design, SAP.


• Bill Stoochnoff. Canada Ex-HSE Advisor for «VEKO-ROSNEFT» Company
Home phone №: 1 250 359 7940
Cell №: 1 250 304 4624
• Urbano Cicalini. ENI GAZPORM-NOVATEK (Severenergia) Company.
• Peter Bentley. Company «British Gas»
• Brian Hasen. «Flint Canada Vostok Ltd» Company
• Henk Plukaard. «Halliburton KBR» Company.
• Damir Ziangirov. «EcoArctica» (MI SWACO) Company.
• Alessandro Zambelli. ENI-Severenergia Company.
• Angelo Grazioli. ENI-Severenergia Company.

Personal Info Details:

Full name: Vysotsky Mikhail Mikhailovich – 09.01.1969
Marital status: married (two daughters)
Citizenship: Russian citizen
Military service: completed 1987-1989
Post Address: Stroiteley-Street, 9-А Apt. 56, Usinsk Komi Republic, 169710, Russia
Personal identity: strong-willed, hardy, purposeful, inclined to self-discipline, stress-resistant, proactive, like to learn & easily educable.
Experience privileges: Experienced as interpreter/translator in oil & gas industry, including work in oil & gas fields under severe climatic conditions (Far North in Russia) starting from 1992.
Diploma and certificates: will be attached by request.