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Как технический писатель работал в Ливенгстон Рессерч онлайн. Вот пример эссе написаное мной:
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1 May 2012
Golden Grains Of the Truth
“Everything should be oversimplified till it is
possible, but nothing more than that”
By Albert Einstein
A famous principle of “Occam’s razor” says that if the truth can be described using three arguments A,B,C so varieties of truth descriptions like “A,B,C,D” and “A,B,C,D,E” or more difficult ones can be shaved freely. And “the line of a truth description” which connects factors and arguments points will call in the mind more and more simple figures. It means the closer we are to the truth, the less arguments we need for its description up to a triangle, a simple segment or even one simple point. And now the main thing: the absolutely (golden) truth or a low of the nature, or God’s low, or God’s image, you can name it as you want, if it is the truth it can be described just with the only argument like “A”. Saying figuratively and geometrically, it is a simple “point”, through what it is possible to lead an endless variety of lines – descriptions. It means “in any way”, up to a parable, a legend, a story, the torah, the bible, a text-book in quantum physics, a screen script of Hollywood hit, a cartoon, a fairy tale or an anecdote. If during our centuries-old researching of the truth cognition, in different epoch of our development one way or another the humanity comes sometimes absolutely accidentally across such the truth, at once it fixed it for its descendants. But, it used those means to write down the information which were acceptable and fashionable then.
Let us show how this phenomenon happens now in our days. For example, let us take a sensational trilogy “The Matrix”. It seems, the title “The Matrix” itself is already borrowed by the ancient cabbalistic knowledge about the life tree of ten spheres, which is sometimes called “the universe matrix”. The universe matrix is a sacral basis of cabbalistic science. By the way, the heroes names or just letters or sounds combinations can be also considered as in its own way a description of the truth knowledge grains for which the nations of the whole planet always hunt since the earliest times.
This film is an incredibly bold idea of reality representation that absorbs the views and traditions of most world religion and philosophical conceptions. But, of course, three of them influenced the most: Christian, Gnosticism and Buddhism. Although they are different per its sense but they agree in the only thing: the lack of knowledge problem, ignorance of the humanity that can be overcome with help of view reappraisal to the material world and its structure. They are as a leader for those who try to find an answer. Both in Christianity and in Buddhism, a peculiar preserver, Christ or Buddha, opens the truth and presents the way to a freedom but just for those whose mind is open for realizing. Here it is Neo in particular, other ways Noah or, if you want, the Chosen. But, Plato was perhaps the first who formulated the conception in his dialogue about the cave from the tractate “State”. There is his short quotation retelling:
“You can make similar our human’s nature as respects to enlightenment and unenlightenment to such a condition… look here: but it seems people are in an underground habitation which looks like a cave where a wide ray of hope stretches out full its length. From their childhood, they have fetters on their feet and necks so that people cannot move from the place. And they see just such things which they have right before eyes as they cannot turn their heads because of these fetters. People stand with their backs to the light that comes from the fire, which is burning far in the high up. And between the fire and prisoners there is an upper way fenced around with a short wall something like that screen behind what magicians place their helpers when they show puppets above the screen. “
Among the first ones was also uncle Descartes who was thinking about the whole world could be obviously the Matrix and it cannot guarantee that it exists at all.
As for the Matrix in Christianity so at once most spectators noticed in Trinity’s name or Neo’s wonderful raising from the dead some Christians motives, there are a lot of them there. For example, it is clear that Apoc has its origin from Apocalypse, Thomas Anderson if to translate from Greek - “humanity’s son”, the ship Nebuchadnezzar – a Babylon’s ruler who was looking for the sense of his dreams, and, of course, the last stronghold of the humanity – Zion, a variant of Babylon’s city Sion (Jerusalem), a distinctive paradise. In this case, Neo is Jesus without doubt. He is the Chosen, sent to free the humanity, save it from evil and return to life after the death.
This guess is confirmed once more by the phrase said by Choi at the very beginning: “You are just the Saviour, guy, my own Jesus Christ”, and also by talks of Nebuchadnezzar’s team about “the Chosen” from the prophecy. What is more, when Neo gets at the first time on the board, the camera sort of shows in passing the inscription "Mark III no. 11.". It is nothing other than a citation from the Gospel according to St. Mark – “And the unclean spirit, when saw him, fell before him and cried: You are the God’s Son”. In his own way Neo is an exorcist releasing the people from agents connected to the Matrix.
Though some Christian elements are demonstrable in the film, against his or her will a spectator feels some masked subtext which is hidden behind usual orthodoxy. This is nothing other than Gnosticism, an ancient religious doctrine. In Gnosticism the Supreme God is an absolutely perfect creature. It is inaccessible and mysterious, “nameless” and “holy”. It is an “endless light, holy, clean and all embracing”. However, there are some others, indeed they are not so holy, they dwell in pleroma, the place, which reminds the paradise, and they have already a certain image – male or female, and the ability for their generation reproduction. The problems started when one of them, Sofia (analogue for Greek goddess of wisdom), wished to bear a child without God’s agreement and presence of her husband. In such a way, she gave a dare to machismo and its role. As a result, there appeared an absolutely ugly and vicious creature, whom his own mother did not want to see and she overthrew him out from pleroma to the outskirts of the universe. However, the creature did not die and even the more - Yaldabaoth, as it is called now, imagined himself the only god.
Gnosticism defines Yaldabaoth as “the Creator God”. It was him, who created angels, the Earth and people. To be more precise, it blew a divine spark that he got from his mother, Sofia, into the mankind image and nothing more. Here appears a paradox: we all like pearls in the dirt, souls (the good in origin) dwelling in a lump of clay (the evil) and surrounding with this material world (it is also a continuation of the evil). The paradise is our home, but we were overthrown from it. Fortunately, the “Supreme” God’s envoy – Christ, saved our immortal souls from Yaldabaoth and freed people out from flesh captivity having given them an opportunity to move up on a higher spiritual level after death. It is clear that this way would be impossible without a “dark” principle that envies the light and prevents the humanity in all possible ways.
And now, not to make unsubstantiated statements, let us return to “the Matrix”. In the plot base lies the same problem. We, like Sofia, have created something that came out of our control as Morpheus explained. At the end of the XXIst century the humanity was spanned with triumph. The old dream came true – the creation of artificial intelligence. But, as Yaldabaoth, they were deprived of souls, and their world – the Matrix – is just an illusion, a computer simulation, “a dungeon for mind” which hides the truth from people. For the time being the Matrix exists we cannot be free. The same way as in Gnosticism, in the film the main problem of the humanity is its blindness, ignorance, dream. And its solution lies in revival, enlightenment and the truth realizing, return from the night darkness to the light. In the film, Morpheus explains Neo, that the Matrix is “the world of illusions, created by a computer”. That is why Neo’s eyes hurt because of bright light after his deliverance, as if he looks with them at the first time. Everything what he saw till this time he saw in his dream. And everything was the lie. In that world neither strength or staying power, or speed had any matter. It is important just you realize. Here we can also clearly see the connection between Jesus and Neo. He is the Saved, giving the truth for others. At last, Neo learned that there exists the reality and, who he is and it helps him to control and manage the Matrix. He realizes that everything is a sheer illusion, the lies, being filled by his mind. It is Neo who, like the Saviour, is sent to free the humanity and open the truth for those who is able to hear it. It is worth not to forget that he is not only Mister Anderson but also Thomas. Exactly this name he had so far he believed in his predestination and became Neo. Besides, “Thomas” can be translated as “a twin”, according to one of the legends an own Christ’s brother has such a name. A training program taught Neo to control himself and his mind. In Gnosticism, such a condition can be reached with help of long meditations, concentration and releasing technics. But, the effect is worth reaching: a human comes up on an absolutely new level of perception. “It is difficult for you to overcome your fear, but if you wish to tower over your nature and become out of space and time, you will see the Saviour, deprived any fear and you yourself will get peace of mind and harmony”. In the same way as Yaldabaoth created fairy creatures, who prevent people to leave this material world, the machines entrusted this role to agents. “They are local Cerberuses, they are at the each entering, they have keys for all doors”. But the human’s mind, as opposed to the machine‘s one, has an ability to break away from the stereotypes limits and get the liberation. Exactly in this, that particular “divine spark” becomes apparent. And at the time when Neo got absolutely added evidence that the Matrix is an illusion, at last he was be able to break its lows and kill the agent Smith, he did what Smith was not able to do – overcame the limitations of the machines’ world.
Beyond measure of what religion or philosophy we would look at the Matrix only the same call appears in our minds – Wake up! The one thing is clear: we have to overcome our ignorance and open our eyes for the truth – this all is just an illusion, the truth is somewhere close to us, we have just to follow the Saviour… And here there appears a question: Where do we find ourselves after the awaken? What expects us ahead, on the other side? But is it so important, either it will be the sacred pleroma free from material and death, or the nirvana , the place that cannot be described with any words, or it can be a cyber-world, where we just electric batteries on endless fields?
Is the Matrix the truth or an invention, but all the same, it made us think what this much talked-about technic revolution is leading us to, what is the reality and how can we recognize it? We are just sleeping, being in the darkness of ignorance, it is just time to free our minds and awaken…

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