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Translator IuliiaTranslator Iuliia
Tiraspol, Moldova, Moldova
Человек может добиться всего, чего захочет
Occupationпереводчик английского и немецкого языков
LanguagesUkrainian English German Russian Russian
Translation Experience2 years (since 2012)
SoftwareMicrosoft Publisher
Приднестровский Государственный университет им. Т.Г. Шевченко
переводчик немецкого и английского языков
My name is Yuliya and I am a final year student at the Pridnestrovian State University qualified as English and German interpreter.
I have several years of experience in service sector working as a waitress and administrator. In addition to my experience, I have strong communication, customer service, and administrative skills. Languages education enables me to treat with different aspects of translation. I would like my future work to be directly connected with languages, because I think it would help me to realize dreams and aspirations. If my energy, flexibility and teamwork skills combined with my analytical frame of mind meet your expectations,I would like to work in your company.