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Переводчик ЯрославПереводчик Ярослав
Лондон, Англия, Великобритания
Основная занятостьUniversity of Buckingham
ЯзыкиАнглийский Русский Японский
УслугиПеревод, Редактирование
Опыт в области переводов7 лет (с 2006)
Области специализацииАвтомобильная промышленность, Бытовая техника, Военное дело/оборона, Горное дело и полезные ископаемые, Гуманитарные науки, Естественные науки, Информационные технологии, Искусство, Компьютеры, Лесное хозяйство, Медицина, Менеджмент, Металлургия, Мода, Морское дело, мореплавание, морские суда, Общественные науки, Офисное оборудование, Переписка, Печать, Пищевая промышленность, Производство, Профессиональная аудио/видео техника, Развлечения, Реклама, Сельское хозяйство, Строительство/строительная техника, Телекоммуникации, Техника, Финансы, Энергетика, Юриспруденция, Общая тематика
The University of Buckingham
MSc Finance and Investment
Education and Qualifications
University of Buckingham, UK* 1/2013-
* 16th out of 120 in The Guardian’s University Guide 2013 and 21st The Time’s 2012 Good University Guide

- PhD student in Energy Finance
- Business School scholarship (free tuition)
- Research assistant for Gas and Oil management programme

University of Buckingham, UK 1/2012-12/2012
- MSc in Finance and Investment (with Distinction)
- Master thesis on price volatility in Japanese natural gas and oil markets
- Related courses: Financial system, Advanced corporate finance, Investment portfolio management

Temple University, USA (Japan Campus) 5/2005-5/2008
- BA in Economics (3.23 GPA)
- Dean’s Scholarship for five semesters
- Elected modules: Financial Markets, Financial Management, Monetary Economics

Certified Public Accountant (U.S. CPA) Certificate
- Passed the Uniform CPA Examination
- 11 extension courses in Intermediate and Advanced Accounting, Business Taxation, Auditing,
Business Law from California State University, East Bay, with 3.9 GPA

Work Experience
M & D Co., Ltd. 6/2008-4/2011
- Manager of the property management team, acting as liaison between apartment owners and building
maintenance crews including scheduling, quality management, and monthly reports to the CEO
- Responsible for basic day-to-day accounting and communication with tax council
- Proposed solutions for lowering the costs of building maintenance at the Takashimadaira district of the
Urban Renaissance Agency
- As a result of high evaluation by the management, a new real estate division was created
- Leader of real estate intermediary and consulting services team with focus on non-Japanese clients

Okamoto & Company 5/2010-10/2010
- Internship position in accounting and auditing
- Assisted with annual reports, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and cash management of large non-Japanese
companies, including Pimco Japan
- Assisted Microsoft Japan auditing team on corporate tax issues for 2 weeks

Gracenote Co., Ltd. (Part time) 2/2007-9/2007
- Part-time advertisement consultant
- Assisted the consulting team on commercial advertisements
- Assisted with making presentations for promotions of products, including electrical cars of TEPCO and
high-rise office buildings of Sumitomo Real Estate
- Drafted a promotion analysis report to Nikkeisha, Inc (one of the largest newspapers in Japan)

Uformia AS and DMG (Contract work) 6/2005-5/2008 - Uformia AS is a private company with the headquarters in Norway and an international team of developers in
Australia, Chile, France, Japan, Russia, UK and USA, developing the first software for true volume modeling
- Contract work on creation and administration of the research facility in Japan
- Responsible for establishing non-profit organization “Digital Materialization Group” in Japan

Key Skills
Languages: Native level Japanese and Russian with fluent English

Leadership: High managerial skills gained through experience of leading 5-15 crew operations in the property management team in Tokyo

Effective Team Working: Led two assignment project teams of the MSc programme successfully delivering outputs on time and achieved marks of 75% and 86%

Communication: Making series of presentations to the Japanese angel investors resulting in 3 million yen startup investment in the real estate division. Making presentations to groups ranging from 8 to 30 students as a part of MSc degree course. Positive assessment feedback given about confidence in public speaking and impactful PowerPoint presentations

Interpersonal Skills: High level listening and counseling skills resulting from international background of living and studying in the Russian, Japanese, US and UK environments


- Graduate Student member of the Energy Institute, UK
- Completed senior year undergraduate thesis on the Interest Rates in the Japanese Economy

Computer Skills:
- MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
- SPSS, EViews
- Yayoi kaikei (Japanese accounting software)