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No photoTranslation Agencies Indrom
London, England, Great Britain
CountryGreat Britain
Zip CodeSE1 6PJ
Postal Address83 ABH, New Kent Road
Skype hello.indrom
ServicesTranslation, Proofreading, Interpreting, DTP, Quality Assurance, Tutoring, Notarization of Translations, Legalization of Documents, Subtitling, Transcribing
Translation Experience9 years (since 2005)
The Indrom Group is currently a dynamic fast-growing organization, with more than 15 years of experience and integrated by a pool of tourism and language-related professionals.

The Indrom Group operates in 4 countries, with headquarters in London and offices in Madrid, Beijing and Eindhoven.

The Group can be divided into two large areas:

- Tourism division: we specialise in providing hotel accommodation for fairs and exhibitions in Madrid, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hannover, Munich, Nurenberg, Paris, Milan, Rome, and tour packages in Europe and China.

- Language division: supported by a team of professional linguists and work with more than 100 translators of a variety of languages. Our clients cover a whole range of industries, from oil and gas engineering, graphic design, digital media, financial services, health care – no matter what industry you work in, the chances are we have a wealth of experience working with people in your industry.

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