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Translator Wulf-DieterTranslator Wulf-Dieter
Never stop learning
LanguagesEnglish Dutch German
ServicesTranslation, Proofreading
Translation Experience35 years (since 1979)
Areas of ExpertiseAutomotive industry, Military/Defense, Forestry, Manufacturing, Construction/civil engineering, Engineering
CAT ToolsFluency, MemoQ, MetaTexis, SDL Trados Studio
SoftwareMicrosoft Publisher, OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, Windows 7
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Universität, Frankfurt/Main Germany
BEd. English, history, sociology, psychology, didactics, politics
No time to collect these
I was invited into translation by a client of mine, VOLVO, Germany, where I was teaching automotive English.
This was in 1979.
They asked me to translate the engine details for the then 740 series. It was fascinating.
Anything that any department at VOLVO had have translated from English to German or German to English was translated by myself up to 2002. By then I had already been living in Thailand for 6 years.
Further details please see: and you will realise I enjoy technical machines/constructions that I build in my mind, when I translate about them. Images and drawings are helpful at times, though.