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Translator NinaTranslator Nina
Bucharest, Romania, Romania
Competence from experience
LanguagesEnglish Italian French Romanian
ServicesTranslation, Proofreading, Notarization of Translations, Legalization of Documents, Subtitling, Terminological Research, Copy-Editing, Rewriting, Retranslation
Translation Experience41 year (since 1974)
Areas of ExpertiseAutomotive industry, Household appliances, Military/Defense, Mining & Minerals, Humanities, Natural Science, IT (Information Technology), Art, Medicine, Management, Fashion, Ships, Sailing, Maritime, Social Science, Office equipment, Correspondence, Food industry, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Advertising, Agriculture, Construction/civil engineering, Telecommunication technology, Engineering, Finance, Law, General, Banking, HR, CVs, Consular, Legislative, Contracts, Literary, Book Translation
CAT ToolsGoogle Translator
SoftwareMicrosoft Publisher, OpenOffice, Microsoft Office
Bucharest University, Faculty of germanic Languages, English-Romanian Letters Section
BA in English (Major) and Romanian Letters
Technical Translator's Certificate (English-Romanian), Legal translator's Certificate (English and Romanian), Course in Communication, Course in Consular matters
I have translated from mamny fields over the years trying to become more expert in more directions than one, while translating in an office (worked for two entities) and later only at home - while I was working in an office I was also translating literature or more specialized texts at home after hours...

Please feel free to check out my 41 year experience for more details about me by contacting me: I shall respond by offering you an updated version of my CV.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have and I shall be happy to answer them all!