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Translator IuriyTranslator Iuriy
Kharkiv region, Ukraine
citius altius fortius
LanguagesEnglish Ukrainian Russian
ServicesTranslation, Interpreting
Translation Experience1 year (since 2015)
Areas of ExpertiseIT (Information Technology), Computers, Management, Office equipment, Correspondence, Food industry, Entertainment, Advertising, Construction/civil engineering, Finance, General
CAT ToolsWebTranslateIt
SoftwareAbbyy FineReader, OpenOffice
ХГУПиТ (Общепит)
Международная экономика
FCE 178 points B2
I am Yuriy. A married man in his early thirties. Prefer calm and pieceful way of life, but not sedentary one. For which I will regulary go in for sport (running) and l take part in local competitions. Known among my friends as an evid English learner, not an adventurous but a staunch friend. Have been working in my family business selling floorcovering materials for 13 years, and going to quit to become an interpreter. My immediate plan is to volunteer in Sochi Grand Prix F1 2016