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Translation Agencies Eurologos-Thessaloniki/directorTranslation Agencies Eurologos-Thessaloniki/director
Thessaloniki, Greece
Translations where the languages are spoken
Zip Code54624
Postal Address4 Ionos Dragoumi str
ServicesTranslation, Proofreading, Interpreting, DTP, Notarization of Translations, Legalization of Documents, Subtitling, Transcribing
Translation Experience9 years (since 2009)
Eurologos-Thessaloniki is part of the Eurologos Group, an international language service provider established in 1977 in Brussels. Today, the Group has 15 offices in 4 continents and is a leader in the field of translation services.

As part of the Group, we provide a full range of integrated multilingual services which include, among others, translation, interpreting, website and software localization, transcription, subtitling and voice over.

Our translation service specialization covers a wide range of fields, such as commercial translations, medical translations, life sciences, legal translations, technical translations, financial translations, pharmaceutical translations, software localization, website localization, etc.

By leveraging the combined experience and resources of the Group's offices and conforming to very strict international translation quality standards, such as ISO:9001 and EN:15038, we provide top quality translation services at very competitive prices.