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Переводчик VladimirПереводчик Vladimir
Words with impact
Основная занятостьself-employed freelancer at Preserved Time Ltd, Croatia
ЯзыкиАнглийский Немецкий Итальянский Сербохорватский
УслугиПеревод, Редактирование
Опыт в области переводов17 лет (с 2000)
Области специализацииБытовая техника, Информационные технологии, Компьютеры, Менеджмент, Офисное оборудование, Переписка, Печать, Пищевая промышленность, Производство, Реклама, Сельское хозяйство, Строительство/строительная техника, Техника, Финансы, Энергетика, Общая тематика, marketing, tourism and travel, contracts, business/commerce, e-commerce, webshop content, finance, financial statements, user and operating manuals, software translation, food declarations, paper industry, investment studies, business and financial reports, SEO and e-marketing
Программное обеспечениеMicrosoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
University of Rijeka, Croatia,Faculty of Economics
Master Degree in Economics, International Commerce
University of Cambridge Certificate in Business English Level Vantage and University of Cambridge Council of Europe Level C1 Certificate, American High School Graduation Diploma obtained from Joliet High School, Illinois, USA
I am native Croatian freelance translator, self-employed at company Preserved Time Ltd, based and registered in Croatia.

My strongest point and the greatest benefit I would bring to you is definitely combination of a long combined in-house and freelance translation experience (over 17 years) covering many various fields and equally strong practical business and marketing management career in an international business surrounding.

On top of that, I have 4 years of practical experience working as EU Project Manager and consultant for EU funding schemes and thanks to that I have mastered my knowledge of EU funding, operational programs, EU directives and EU in general.

Additionally, I would also like to add strong academic business background.
I hold the degree Master of Economics in international business obtained from University of Rijeka, Croatia, Faculty of Economics.

As you will see from my Translatorscafe.com, Proz.com and Linkedin profile and the enclosed CV, I am highly experienced native Croatian translator specialized for business/commerce, finance, marketing, and business contracts, but also with, during my rich combined professional business and translation career, acquired skills and expertise to cover many other fields as well (please observe the projects extract presented in the enclosed cv).

One of my most significant English-Croatian translation projects was done for the client EBCL International Center Wien, Austria - project volume 100,000 words - translation of EBCL (European Business Competence Licence) internationally verified business management curriculum- covering all major topics related to accounting, finances, financial management, sales, marketing, business plan, commercial law and other business management issues (more project details on www.ebcl.eu and in the said Letter of Recommendation).

The list of my working fields is presented in the enclosed CV.

I am very experienced in various marketing related translations:

- e-commerce and webshop content - descriptions of products, product reviews, manuals etc - ongoing cooperation with BigtTranslation Spain, also please check the link www.bigbuy.eu,
- web pages and website content including catalogues of product and services - ongoing cooperation with companies Radman s Drink Austria, please check www.radmansdrink.at, Radman grupa, Croatia, please check www.radmangrupa.hr and Clip s.r.o, Czech Republic, please check www.clip.cz

I would like to point out my profound skills and experience also in technical translations: (operating manuals and technical documentation for various machines) and especially for software, Android-based and other APP TRANSLATION.

My second biggest completed translation project is related to technical translation - English/Italian (bilingual source file) translation of operating manuals, maintenance manuals and technical documentation for a line of machines producing blisters for pharmaceutical industry - project volume 110,000 words executed for the client Emilia Center Traduzioni Italy.

Links to my profiles:

Translatorscafe.com: http://vtrkovnik.translatorscafe.com/
Proz.com: http://www.proz.com/profile/1898441 - including references from clients for my work with good part coming from Blue Board companies
Linkedin: https://hr.linkedin.com/in/vladimir-trkovnik-3676a278

My working language pairs: English - Croatian, Croatian - English, Serbian - English, Bosnian - English, Italian - English, Italian - Croatian, German - Croatian.

I also have 20 years of working experience on middle and top business and marketing management positions (good part in IT industry) in the international business oriented companies along with rich experience in business correspondence with English, Italian and German speaking clients.

My English skills are exceptional verified by two Cambridge English Certificates:
- Council of Europe LEVEL C1
- Certificate in Business English LEVEL VANTAGE (also known as BEC).

Also, on 1987, I have graduated from Joliet West High School, Illinois, USA.
During the time in the U.S. I have lived with an American family.

Besides living in USA, I have lived in Italy for one year, with an Italian family.

For 7 years I have worked as product and brand manager for brand Fabriano Italy - office, drawing and artistic papers and for two years for brand Epson having worked with Epson subsidiary in Italy - responsible for handling european operations of this Japanese IT brand.
Thanks to these working experiences I have obtained profound knowledge of business Italian too.

My German skills are also excellent.
For the last four years I have been working as a virtual assistant for several Croatian companies doing business with German speaking markets providing German language related services.