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Translator ArtyomTranslator Artyom
Alma-Ata, Alma-Ata region, Kazakhstan
Interpreting in 5 languages simultaneously
OccupationFreelance Interpreter
LanguagesEnglish German Spanish French Russian
ServicesTranslation, Interpreting, DTP
Translation Experience10 years
Areas of ExpertiseAutomotive industry, Household appliances, Mining & Minerals, Humanities, Natural Science, IT (Information Technology), Computers, Medicine, Management, Metallurgy, Social Science, Office equipment, Correspondence, Food industry, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Advertising, Agriculture, Construction/civil engineering, Telecommunication technology, Engineering, Finance, Energetics, General
CAT ToolsOpen Language Tools
SoftwareAbbyy FineReader, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Adobe PageMaker, OpenOffice
Parasat Almaty Multi-Discipline State Economy University («АГЭИ»)
Translation Studies
Conference (Simultaneous) Interpreters School Synchron–Plus (Синхрон-плюс), Moscow;
My name is Artyom CHELPACHENKO. I am a Simultaneous Interpreter of Russian (A), English (B), French (B), Spanish (B) and German (B) with 10-year experience. I am known in Kazakhstan for a number of landmark events and international conferences with the heads of state and government, as well as for my brilliant and expressive interpretation of internationally known personalities (Mike Tyson, Richard Lewis, Brian Tracy, Allan Pease, Nick Vujicic, François Fillon, Jean Marie Cambacérès). I studied at the Moscow School of Simultaneous Interpreters – Author’s Course by Pavel Palazchenko. I graduated with honors from both the College of Foreign Languages (French and English) and the Institute of Foreign Languages (German and English), majoring in Translation Studies. I hold Master's Degree (MBA) in Economics & Human Resources Management. I was awarded DELE Diploma (C1) in Spanish by the Miguel Cervantes Institute (Spain).

I have a vast experience of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in several foreign languages: English, French, Spanish and German. I have worked for international and governmental organizations: UN, OSCE/ODIHR, UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO, EBRD, USAID, IMF, British Council, Almaty City Administration, Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Economic Research Institute JSC, Mazhilis of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev University, KazMunayGas JSC.

As a Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreter, I am majoring in the following industries:
• Sociology & Politics: Education, Journalism, Culture, Art, Film Industry, Cooking, Urban Planning, Diplomacy and International Relations;
• Science & Technology: Oil & Gas, Mining, Chemistry, Industry, Construction, Architecture, Engineering, Automobile & Aircraft Engineering, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Blockchain, Energy, Environment Protection and Agriculture;
• Economics & Finance: Management, Human Resources, Marketing, PR, Sales, Banking, Logistics, Real Estate and Tourism & Hospitality;
• Healthcare & Sports: Plastic Surgery, Beauty, Neurology, Psychiatry, Autism, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Pharmacology, Laboratory Testing, Hepatology, Surgery, Oncology and Chemotherapy;
• Jurisprudence: Corporate Law, International Law, Insurance, Copyright, Antimonopoly Law, Civil Law and Administrative Law.