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Переводчик AnnaПереводчик Anna
Jyväskylä, Финляндия
Anything I do I do my best — otherwise it’s not worth starting
ЯзыкиАнглийский Немецкий Русский
Опыт в области переводов6 лет (с 2005)
Области специализацииИнформационные технологии, Техника, маркетинг, менеджмент, экономика
CAT-программыSDL Trados, SDLX, Idiom
Санкт-Петербургский Государственный Университет
Московская Бизнес-школа (MBA, 2009)
Experience (freelance translator since 2002)
since 2008 between my customers are such translation companies as Acclaro, C&MLocalization, Capella&McGrath, Link@Production, PTSGI and Ubiqus: translating from English and editing
since 2005 — SDL Russia: translating, editing, proofreading, project managing
2005 — Infocom and other translation agencies: translations from English and German
2002 – 2005 — “VES” Publishing House: translations from English and German
2003 — Translating Company “Logrus”: translations from English
2003 — Private guide to St. Petersburg for foreign tourists

Personal qualities
responsible, intelligent, easy-learning, thoughtful, scrupulous, assiduous, mobile

I've been continuously working as a freelance translator since 2002.
Since July 2005 till 2008 I worked mostly for SDL Russia Company, performing lots of different tasks (translating, reviewing/editing, proofreading and managing projects). I specialized mostly in translating and editing IT, digital photography and marketing texts.
In SDL Russia I was engaged into the following projects: Kodak (digital photography), Sony (digital photography), Plantronics (mobile phones), Linksys (network hardware), LG (mobile phones), Sabre (online booking), Palm (smartphones), Novell (digital solutions), Motorola (mobile phones), Garmin (navigating systems), Minolta (dig. photography), Philips (medical equipment), Microsoft (translating training flash demos), and others.
Before that I made translations for different smaller translating agencies and publishing houses. So, during 2002-2005 I translated 2 books from English ("What our children teach us" and "Create YOUrself") for VES publishing house, and participated in co-translating several books from German.
The year 2008 has opened new horizons for me. In April I entered Moscow Business School (based in World Technological University) that allowed me to start specializing in new and very exciting areas, like business, management psychology and practice, economics, finance, etc. This continuous education and my total background experience help me find new customers and new interesting projects. I’ve started translating management and economic text, a well as texts on logistics, etc.