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Translator VladislavTranslator Vladislav
Miami, USA
LanguagesEnglish Russian
Translation Experience30 years (since 1981)
Areas of ExpertiseIT (Information Technology), software
CAT ToolsMemoQ
Translation, proofreading of general texts for clients: Documents, By-Laws, Letters, Corporate
Policies, etc.
IT and High Tech:
Translation, Editing, Localization / Testing for software products: Strings, Help files, Web site
pages, Letters / e-mail messages to clients:
Alittera Limited, Inc. ( ) - a company specializing in distribution of educational
and translation software as well as translation services;
4Team Corporation ( – a corporation specializing in the development
and production of business management software.
Mechanical Engineering:
Translation of texts, manuals and Interpreting on different technical topics for a team of specialists (USSR Economic Mission in India);

Mining Industry:

Interpreting lectures, translation of synopses of lectures for UN scholarship holders
(St. Petersburg Mining Institute, Russia)